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Nonlinear effects of phase blurring on Fourier transform holograms

Markus Duelli, Li Ge, and Robert W. Cohn

The ElectroOptics Research Institute
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292


            Liquid-crystal light valves can have intensity-dependent resolution. We find for a nematic liquid-crystal light valve that this effect is well modeled as a phase that has been blurred by a linear space-invariant filter. The phase point-spread function is measured and is used in simulations to demonstrate that it introduces inter-modulation products to the diffraction patterns of computer-generated Fourier transform holograms. Also, the influence of phase blurring on a pseudorandom-encoding algorithm is evaluated in closed form. This analysis applied to a spot array generator design indicates that nonlinear effects are negligible only if the di-ameter of the point-spread function is a small fraction of the pixel spacing.

M. Duelli, L. Ge, and R. W. Cohn "Nonlinear effects of phase blurring on Fourier transform holograms," J. Opt. Soc. Am. A. 17(9), 1594-1605 (September 2000)

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