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Pseudorandom encoding for real-valued ternary spatial light modulators

Markus Duelli and Robert W. Cohn
The ElectroOptics Research Institute
Univ. of Louisville, Louisville, Ky.


            Pseudorandom encoding with quantized real modulation values encodes only continuous real-valued functions. However, an arbitrary complex value can be represented if the desired value is first mapped to the closest real-value realized by use of pseudorandom encoding. Examples of encoding real- and complex-valued functions illustrate performance improvements over conventional minimum distance mapping methods in reducing peak sidelobes and in improving the uniformity of spot arrays.

M. Duelli, R. W. Cohn, "Pseudorandom encoding for real-valued ternary spatial light modulators," Applied Optics 38(17), 3804-3809 (June 1999)

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