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Random Phase Encoding of Composite Fully Complex Filters

Laurence G. Hassebrook, Micheal E. Lhamon, and Raymond C. Daley,
Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky.

Robert W. Cohn and Minhua Liang,
University of Louisville, Louisville, Ky.


            The mapping of complex-valued functions onto phase-only spatial light modulators is examined. Random phase encoding effectively adds amplitude control to the phase-only filter and can be used to trade off systematic errors of the phase-only filter for random errors. This is illustrated for the problem of recognizing a three-dimensional object from arbitrary views. The complex-valued composite filters that constitute a filter bank design are encoded by phase-only and pseudorandom methods. The best recognition probabilities are achieved by blending the two methods so that only the smallest amplitudes are randomly encoded.       ©1996 Optical Society of America

L. G. Hassebrook, M. E. Lhamon, R. C. Daley, R. W. Cohn, M. Liang, "Random Phase Encoding of Composite Fully-Complex Filters," Optics Letters, 21(4), 272-274. (15 February 1996)

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