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Control optimization of spherical modal liquid crystal lenses

A. F. Naumov and G.D. Love
University of Durham, Durham, United Kingdom

M. Yu. Loktev
Lebedev Physical Institute, Samara, Russia

F.L. Vladimirov
State Optical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia


            Liquid crystal modal lenses are switchable lenses with a continuous phase variation across the lens. A critical issue for such lenses is the minimization of phase aberrations. In this paper we present results of a simulation of control signals that have a range of harmonics. Experimental results using optimal sinusoidal and rectangular voltages are presented. A lack of uniqueness in the specification of the control voltage parameters is explained. The influence of a variable duty cycle of the control voltage on an daptive lens is investigated. Finally we present experimental results showing a liquid crystal lens varying its focal length.

A.F. Naumov, G.D. Love, M. Yu. Loktev, and V.L. Vladimirov, " Control optimization of spherical modal liquid crystal lenses," Opt. Exp. 4(9), 344-353 (April 1999)

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