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Multichannel liquid-crystal-based wave-front corrector with modal influence functions

Alexander F. Naumov
Lebedev Physical Institute, Samara, Russia

Gleb Vdovin
Technical University of Delft, Delft, The Netherlands.


            We report on a multichannel liquid-crystal-based wave-front correlator with smooth modal influence functions. The phase is controlled by application of spatially localized ac voltages to a distributed voltage divider formed by a liquid-crystal layer sandwiched between a high-conductance and a low-conductance electrode. The shape of the influence function depends on the control frequency and material parameters of the distributed voltage divider. We have experimentally realized a reflective modulator controlled by an array of 16 x 16 electrodes, providing phase control with an amplitude of ~16pi at lambda=633 nm with a time constant of the order of tens of milliseconds. We experimentally demonstrated that the amplitude of each influence function can be controlled by change of the control voltage, whereas the width of the influence function is controlled by the frequency of the control voltage in a range of ~1mm to the full width of the modulator aperture.

A.F. Naumov and G. Vdovin, " Multichannel liquid-crystal-based wave-front corrector with modal influence functions," Opt. Lett. 23(19), 1550-1552 (October 1998)

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