ERINC - The Huson Nanotechnology Core Facility (HNCF)

The Huson Nanotechnology Core facility (HNCF) houses a complete suite of Scanning Electron Microscopes and Atomic Force Microscopes for both imaging and creating novel nano-scale structures. The Facility (1200 sq. ft.) contains extensive nano- imaging, manipulation and probing equipment, together with specialized nanofabrication equipment. Faculty and students from around the University and State use the facilities in support of their research and educational activities. Many of these instruments in the facility are the first of their kind in Kentucky, and a few instruments are the first of their kind in the United States (Asylum Haptic AFM, Obducat Nanoimprinter).

Major instruments include:

Contact: Tereza Paronyan

Director: Robert W. Cohn

Location: Shumaker Research Building - Room 106 (Map)

Click here to sign up to use the HNCF instruments if you are a UofL employee or student

Sign-up to use the HNCF Instruments

    1. SEM or AFM users ONLY

    In order to use any SEM or AFM instrument, you are first required to attend a group "basic training" session. Please contact Dr. Paronyan to put your name on the list of her next session.

    2. Download, complete and return the User Agreement to Dr. Paronyan

    3. Create a new FOM account:

    a. Go to FOM website FOM

    FOM© is an online accounting and instrument management software. FOM© is a simple online scheduler for all facilities inside HNCF.

    b. Click "I am a new user" to register.

    c. Fill out the form to add your department/supervisor, account number=speed type (this you should get from your supervisor/professor)

    d. Click the instrument(s) you would like to use, once the individual training is completed, your account will be activated and you will be set to access and reserve an instrument's session on the FOM scheduler

    Instructions to create an FOM account are here