Video Clip 1 (1664 KB) Fig. 2a Arbitrary scanning
Video Clip 2 (2477 KB) Fig. 3a Sidelobe generation by MD-PRE
Video Clip 3 (2476 KB) Fig. 3b Sidelobe generation by MDE
Video Clip 4 (1964 KB) Fig. 4 Translation of a fixed pattern
Video Clip 5 (580 KB) Fig. 5a Continuous scanning by composition
Video Clip 6 (612 KB) Fig. 5b Continuous scanning by 128x128 IFFT
Video Clip 7 (2285 KB) Fig. 6a Parallel replicated scanning by periodic sampling
Video Clip 8 (2190 KB) Fig. 6b Non-replicated scanning by random sampling
Video Clip 9 (579 KB) Fig. 7a Multiple widened spots by parallel division of the SLM into multiple SLM's
Video Clip 10 (1155 KB) Fig. 7b Multiple widened spots by adding two sets or layers of spatially multiplexed functions together
Video Clip 11 (338 KB) Fig. 8a Individual realization of the spot array